Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge and Park.
The newest and best bikes for rent in NYC.
Four Store Locations
NYC's largest local bike rental network.

Bike Rent NYC

Bike Rent NYC is committed to serving New York City residents and visitors through daily bike rentals, guided bike tours of Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge, and daily, monthly or annual “hop-on, hop-off” biking programs. We currently offer the following kinds of bicycles: comfortable hybrid, lightweight road racing, tandem bikes for two, and children’s bikes. Bike Rent NYC is the also largest local bike rental business in New York City, now serving approximately 400,000 visitors a year, with nearly 3000 Giant and Trek bikes, and four (4) storefronts open year-round.

Central Park
Bike Tours

203 West 58th Street, NYC
(212) 541-8759

Central Park
Bike Ride

117 West 58th Street, NYC
(212) 956-9646

Brooklyn Bridge
Bike Rent

145 Nassau Street, NYC
(212) 767-1773

Rental Bike
New York City

40 West 55th Street, NYC
(804) 829-01

Central Park Bicycle Tour

Central Park Bike Tours start and end at 203 West 58th Street (at 7th Ave).

Brooklyn Bridge Bicycle Tour

Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tours start and end at 145 Nassau Street (near Park Row).


We are NYC most popular bike rental in New York City with (3) three locations bike rental near Central Park, and (1) one location at the Manhattan-side entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. 1500 bikes, 4 locations.


The most-popular guided bike tour of Central Park in New York City, departs daily. Bike tours of Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan, downtown Manhattan entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge.


Buy 2015 Trek and Giant bikes, and used bikes for sale in NYC. Choose from bicycles for sale in the stores or order with 2-3 day in-store delivery. Biking merchandise, bike parts and cycling accessories available in-store.

Bike Rent NYC Locations

NYC Bike Rental and Bike Tours, four (4) New York City locations to choose from.


CENTRAL PARK BIKE TOURS is our flagship location; 203 West 58th Street. Guided bike tours of Central Park start and end here. We sell bikes and biking gear at this location. Endless pool swimming lessons. Member of the BikeRent.NYC group.

203 West 58th Street
New York, NY 10019


CENTRAL PARK BIKE RIDE is our first store, located at 117 West 58th Street. This shop features bike rental near Central Park. Friendly service in a professional shop, just steps from Central Park at 6th Ave. GIANT and TREK bikes available. Member of the BikeRent.NYC group.

117 West 58th Street
New York, NY 10019


BROOKLYN BRIDGE BIKE RENT is located near Park Row in Lower Manhattan, and is the closest bike rental available near Brooklyn Bridge. Guided bike tours of Brooklyn Bridge,  Brooklyn Bridge Park and Greenway start and end at this location. Member of the BikeRent.NYC group.

145 Nassau Street
New York, NY 10038


RENTAL BIKE NEW YORK CITY is our newest bike rental retail shop, located between 6th and 7th Avenues, on 55th Street, a few short blocks away from Central Park. Rent bikes in New York City. Member of the BikeRent.NYC group.

40 West 55th Street
New York, NY 10019

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